Andrew Canion’s Webomgalol

Human-sized Services

There are now three blogging services that I admire, all of which are run by humans - not corporations. Humans making websites was what made 1.0, back in the Netscape Navigator days, great. Blink tags, under construction logos, and multi-colour Times New Roman font. It was joyous because it was the web at human level.

Then we went to corporations. We had Tumblr, and Facebook, and Twitter. Corporations mining your creativity for profit.

It seems we are now on our return, retrograde orbit back to human-scale once more. As I said at the top, there are now three blogging services that I admire and that deliver services on a reasonable user-pays approach - kind of how businesses have always been run. They are:

  1. run by Manton Reece
  2. Blot run by David Merfield
  3. Now we have the beginnings of a blogging service with, run by Adam Newbold

It is wonderful to see quality products being run by quality people, without any the social media chicanery. This is the way. Long may it last.